Here's the answers to our customers' frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't answered here, feel free to reach out to us.

Yes, we allow customers to pick up tires personally for our local warehouse in Houston, TX. The online sale price is the same as the in store pick up price, shipping to your doorstep is at an extra fee.

Yes if you’re in Houston and would like to pick up the tire, there are no shipping charges. If you would like us to deliver the tire(s) to you there will be a small shipping fee.

We do not accept offers. The current sale price is final.

We mainly carry tires for cars, SUVs and light trucks. Here is a partial list of vehicles we don’t carry tires for: ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts, four wheelers, off road trucks, trailers, mowers, doughnut tires, small spares and other non-standard vehicles.

From time to time we will show our active coupon promotion up near the top of the page in a banner just below the navigation bar. If you don’t see a bright color banner with a coupon code, we are not currently offering a coupon to use. You can also see all active coupons and sales on our Promotions & Coupons Page

Yes! Complete sets of 4 are difficult to come by when shopping for used tires however at you will be able to find a large selection for sets of 4 that have been matched together at your convenience. Sets are matched by brand & tread style, tread depth, size and speed/load rating.

We sell tires no matter the age as long as they pass our inspection process and that the rubber proves to be healthy and dry rot free. Please refer to the RMA guidelines for the age of a tire:

The price provided on the listing is for the amount provided in the title. i.e. 4 Nice Michelin Pilot Hx MXM4, 225/50/17 So it would be a set of 4 tires at the going sale price provided on the listing, not per tire at the listed price.

Traditionally car sizes tires will begin at 10/32 of an inch while truck tires vary and can begin at 12-14/32 of an inch. We advise contacting the manufacturer to confirm the beginning tread to compare against our remaining measurement.

All USED tires could be professionally repaired. Every USED tire is inspected at least twice, once prior to listing for sale and once again prior to shipping out to a buyer. Repairs could be performed during the first inspection as well as during the second inspection. We guarantee no sidewall repairs. For repairs we follow the standards:

We do not keep records if they are white wall (WW)/outline white letter (OWL) or not, we only guarantee that the one side of the tire is always black walled.

Unfortunately we will only sell our listings as they are. If the listing says 2 we can only sell it as a pair and if it says 4 we can only sell it as a set of 4. We do not split our sets/pairs and we will list our tires to reflect our inventory; if we have 3 in stock we will list it as a pair and a single.

No. We focus all our energy on finding the highest quality new and used tires only.

Depending where you are located in the Greater Houston Area it will take us 1-3 business days to complete delivery from our warehouse in Houston, TX. For a more specific time frame please call us at 1-888-888-8888.

Mileage is truly dependent upon the driver and how well kept the vehicle is so we are unable to give a mileage or time quote. We do provide the current amount of tread in 32nds of an inch on all of our listings.

Radial tires’ steel belts dissipated heat better. The second problem is that bias-ply tires have a very stiff sidewall due to the fact that all the plies run from sidewall to sidewall. Because radial tires have fewer layers of body cords on the sidewall, the sidewalls allow the tire to flex more.